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`Ekahi is artisan canned ahi [yellow-fin tuna], line-caught and sustainably-sourced by fishermen off the coast of Kauai. Flavorful and delicious, this gourmet artisanal product is direct from Kauai fishermen to your table.

Each handcrafted jar of ‘ahi is labeled with the fisherman, boat, and date of catch ensuring a direct and traceable supply chain from Kaua’i waters to you.

This gourmet product is in the European tradition of artisan seafood canning--with roots in the Iberian peninsula tradition of “conservesas”--canned seafood delicacies beloved by Spaniards and Portuguese.

With small batches and supremely fresh fish, this heritage style of canning is a way to capture the catch at its peak—unparalleled taste, delicacy, and nutrition that elevates any meal.

Enjoy in a special dip or spread, elevate a charcuterie board or send as a thoughtful gift to someone who loves ‘ahi.

Size: 3 ounces

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